Transform Your Business With a Brand Marketing Agency

Branding is the best intangible asset that any business can have, and you will have better chances of acquiring effective and powerful branding with – of course – a professional brand marketing agency.

Branding is a unique asset that has the following key characteristics.

Exclusive: It makes your customers feel apart – in a good way – from other people. At the same time, it also means being a part of a group they enjoy a lot in common with. Branding resonates with the lifestyle choices your customers make or the choices you want them to make.

All-encompassing: It’s all or nothing with branding. It will color every part of your business, from your mission-vision statement and all the way to the first words your customer service agents say to callers.

Evolving: Sometimes, even the core message of branding has to change. Branding must always be a reflection of market trends and as such must evolve as often as necessary.

Image-conscious: The truth about branding is that it what it implies might not always be totally applicable to what you offer now, or in the future. What’s critical to remember here is that branding is all about concocting a desirable image for your business. It’s up to you – and your brand specialist – to determine how you want that image to be, though.
With the help of a brand marketing agency, your business will be able to create its own culture – one where your rules are the only ones that matter.

You don’t need to justify the pricing.

People don’t blink an eye when they’re charged thousands of dollars for brand-name cars. But they will definitely protest if, say, a lower class car is priced in the same range as a branded one, even if it exceeds in the feature and benefits it provides. With effective branding, you can be sure that people won’t protest about your price tags. Instead, they’ll just do what they can to be able to afford your products or services.

You can take more risks.

Creating a brand for your business is a risk in itself, but it’s a risk worth taking. More to the point, it’s a risk that will – if it pays off – let you take even more risks. You can afford to invest in unheard-of innovations for your products and services. You can expand to new markets even if the economy is still in recession. You can do all sorts of things that your competition won’t even dream of considering simply because you can afford to do so. If you fail, it won’t hurt your market share or even your profit margins that much.

Your reputation precedes you.

When you enter a new market, the name you have created for yourself will already ensure that you will enjoy a warm welcome. You get to enter the market with a big splash because people already know about what you represent – even if they have not actually used your products or services just yet.

As you can see, the benefits of branding can indeed transform your business. A professional brand marketing agency can help you achieve get to your branding goals with ease.

Cult Branding As a Brand Marketing Method

In the world of brand marketing, all brands are more or less “even”… right? A Duesenberg was just like any other luxury car… correct? And if you like Anchor Steam Ale, well, you’d be just as happy to pop open a Bud Light, yes? And a Mac user might switch to a PC on a whim, is that not so? Guess again! Obviously, the answer in all three cases is a resounding “no!” But what is it about some products or people that gives them a “cult following?” And what can companies learn from this cult branding phenomenon when it comes to marketing their products?

Not just any product attracts a cult following. It isn’t enough to be of high quality, or even to be very distinctive. The cult product does more than provide a service. For one thing, it promotes an image. Your use of a cult product tells people something about you. Therefore, cult brands tend to be higher involvement or more personal products, not everyday consumer items.

It also makes you feel a part of a select group – a member of a tribe that believes passionately in something. In some cases, these kindred souls even band together as though they were members of an exclusive club, with their own rituals, jargon, and dress. Think the Marines or Harley Davidson bikers.

In short, what sets cult products apart is that they lend the customer an identity and a strong sense of belonging. It is human nature to want to belong, and people like to associate with people who have similar interests. Therefore, the cult brands act as the bonding agent that draws people together.

What does this mean for corporate America? There are some decisive advantages for the brand that has a cult following. There’s the obvious benefit of a fanatically loyal customer base, but it doesn’t stop there. Consumers that are part of a cult following are not nearly as price-sensitive as other types of customers. Since the brand has no real competition, price wars are out of the question – customers will pay full price for their brand without hesitation and are often the “early adopters.” Furthermore, they will provide free word-of-mouth advertising for the producer by encouraging others to “join the club.” This is the type of customer that companies dream about.

Most marketing dollars in America are used to replace the 20-25% customer attrition that most brands suffer every year. Fickle, disloyal customers wind up costing as much in marketing expenses as they contribute to profits – a net-zero gain for the company. In a recent study, only 18% of national advertisers believed they were receiving a positive return-on-investment on their TV advertising dollars! By contrast, cult consumers will stick with their brand, year after year. That is why brand marketing companies advocate flipping the traditional marketing model in what he calls “Reverse Branding” – brand marketing from the inside out.

With so much to gain, why aren’t all companies striving to develop cult followings? In some cases, companies have not fully realized the rewards of such an approach. Or, unlike cult brands, they try to be all things to all people – they are unwilling, or perhaps afraid, to stake out a niche. Cults always have a very specific and defined point of view and if you don’t agree with it, that’s OK with them.

So how do you execute an effective cult branding strategy?

In other cases, companies want to develop cult brands, but can’t figure out how. It’s just not that easy to develop a product that people fall in love with. Effective cult branding is more than just generating hype – the product itself, and the image it projects, must have a special appeal that draws people in. Likewise, the cult following must be genuine and thrive at a grass-roots level. In fact, the more a product appears to be the slick output of a corporate brand marketing machine, the less likely that a cult will develop.

So, for a business, both the advantages and challenges of cult status are great. Some believe that cult products can be developed effectively, but not by traditional marketing methods or a business-as-usual approach. What you need to do is start with what brand marketers call a ‘deep dive.’ You need to understand the total experience from the customer’s perspective. What’s the emotional impact? How does it fit in with their lives? Brand marketing companies use ethnography and other research techniques for this. Then it’s a matter of looking at the complete package – the product, the retail experience, the website, the advertising, the way representatives look and act – everything that enhances or detracts from creating a cult experience.

After developing a deep understanding of a company’s cult customers, the next step is to develop ideas based on the marketing techniques employed by cults and cult brands. Learn and understand the characteristics of cults and cult brands, and how they market themselves.

Why Brand Marketing Is Important

Brand has come a long way from the days when its sole meaning was limited to cattle ownership.

Today, brand is clearly a marketing expression that embodies the very essence of an organisation. Brand marketing builds your reputation and adds valuation – if you consciously build it and live it.

Your brand is more than just a name, slogan, icon or colour combination, it is why you exist, what you are passionate about – your personality. It is your public face to the outside world, what your target audience (customers / employees) see when dealing with any of your staff members, how they feel when they enter your offices and the result they experience during your relationship with them.

Ask yourself the following questions to see how your brand marketing stacks up:

Who are you?

Understanding who we are gives us an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to recognise opportunities and threats.

Define your business into what you do better than everyone else – what is your unique selling point?

Once you know who you are you can appreciate what you have to offer.

Brand marketing starts from inside your company. The best advertisement for your brand is the people who work within it. Ensure you attract, develop and retain employees who help build a culture that expresses and entrenches your brand values. This involvement evokes involvement in your brand, which in turn, encourages loyalty and referrals.

This step, as you can see, covers self discovery of your brand. At this point you can begin considering your branding strategy.

Who needs to know?

Understanding your target audience helps you determine the most effective channels of communication to inform them of who you are and the solutions you provide.

Ensure current clients know your brand. The most effective method of brand marketing is word of mouth and who better than your own clients to pass on the message of what you have to offer.

This brand marketing exercise is interesting as it defines where you really are in the market place as opposed to your perception of where you are currently marketed.

Why should they care?

Nobody wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to make their lives a little easier. If you are offering a solution to an existing problem then your target audience will pay attention.

You have a short period of time to get your solution across, so think about it carefully. You don’t want to confuse the issue by offering too much – what is your core product or service? What is the reason people come to you?

Increasing brand awareness delivers part of this message for you – it says without words that you offer quality, excellent service, reliability and a warranty.

Is your message consistent? Your brand is more than just the colours and logo, it is now every communication you or your employees make on behalf of the company.

Ensure that all your brand marketing material is consistent; every email is branded, all telephone conversations a certain tone – every communication reflects upon the company and your brand.

How will they find out?

Once you have defined your target audience you can identify the most effective methods of communication, whether this be via a website, social media, radio, events, marketing collateral, TV, writing for publications, outdoor advertising.

When and where is your target market most likely to listen to the solution you have to offer?


Develop strong brand parameters to which all of your internal and external communications can be controlled and monitored.

Participate in a 9 Strategic Marketing Workshop and we can help you to identify what is missing in your brand marketing and recommendations as to what areas need improving and how they can be improved.

Brand Marketing – Way To Promote A Brand


Brand Marketing is defined as a brand strategy or brand marketing strategy where in it is a technique in which it strengthens customers’ accountability and surely commands loyalty to the product. Whether it is a newly constructed brand or an old product, this marketing strategy has set of rules to be followed that will result to a positive outcome and great achievement. It will determine your target reach of clients. It is one of the most significant factors in attaining success or so as to failure of once product identity because it can differentiate profit and loss that will give you an idea on how to make better products.

Brand Marketing Plan

Brand marketing plan is easy to do, when you think of it, you always thought it would be difficult. But, of course we can’t deny the fact that it does take some time to work on. Hence, surely if you have constructed a well tactic for this plan, you’ll be able to put things together. That is because this marketing is the basis of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Since a product has family of brands, you need to take into consideration this kind of marketing strategy for you to distinguish its appropriate sub-groups. Brand marketing plan is an outline to help you achieve your target market and goes like this:

• Brand marketing objective where you state your objective encouraging your customers in buying your product brand despite some complications that is preventing the buyers to purchase that product.

• Brand promises that will attract a customer’s attention.

• Brand attributes that shows an advantage in building you brand communication towards the customers.

• Brand category that illustrates what other products you gain competition with or not.

• Brand positioning where you state why your product is different from others.

• Positioning anchors as support to your brand promise.

• Audience where you present audience research and diagnostics.

• Advertising where state your products description for advertisement.

• Budget in pursuing your plan.

What is Brand Marketing Strategy?

Brand marketing strategy is the key to ones marketing problems. It is an effective way in commanding loyalty from customers. The most effectual strategy is the brand promise. It is actually the idea of the brands’ promises that are able to attract customers. You should consider the 3 key challenges that will definitely help your business. These challenges start from becoming different that you yourself must stimulate a comprehensible and distinctive proposal. Be valued, as much as possible appreciate your customer and built a good relationship with them and lastly you have to be smart to encourage your customers in supporting your marketing intentions. Brand marketing plan is not difficult to accomplish you only need to understand your marketing purposes in order for your business to achieve success.

Total Integration With a Brand Marketing Agency

A brand marketing agency is your safest bet if you want to enjoy maximum brand integration. Branding has to be continuously reinforced for it to matter. Branding does not just define how the market perceives you. It ensures that your customers see your company the way you want them to – and see it that way for good. When branding is mentioned, most people think that it only has to do with the logos you are using and your pricing strategy. But in truth, effective and long-lasting branding campaigns need to be more than that. They need to have an impact on every aspect of your business.


Names are powerful. Your business brand name is the very foundation of who you are as a business. It is a must that you invest time and effort in carving a name for your business that conveys the purpose of what you intend to provide to your customers.

Graphic Design

This is something you should actually be quite careful about since the old adage about pictures speaking a thousand words remains true even in this day. One wrong choice of picture and you can lose your target market for good.

Website Design and Development

Every part of your website contributes to your branding strategy – especially if you have a target market that happens to be highly active online.

Is your website attractive to look at and easy to navigate?
Does it offer the services that your target market needs?
What interactive and recreational activities can it offer?
Social Media

The best way to reinforce your branding message is through social media, but you have to be very careful with this. You don’t really get a grace period to “erase” your mistakes once you commit them. Whatever you say or do can be immediately shared with a million of people on Facebook, retweeted on Twitter, and shared on YouTube.

In order to avoid embarrassing and preventable mistakes, it’s best to get professional help from a brand marketing agency. You can have them help you create a social media campaign and perform maintenance and evaluation to ensure that it’s still on track.

Customer Service

This is probably one of the most ignored aspects of brand strategy, which is unfortunate since customer service interactions also have the potential to exert a huge impact on your market. Unlike other marketing opportunities, customer service encounters actually involve possibly live and direct interaction between you and your market. You need to stay true to your brand in such encounters. When you do, your target market will voluntarily reinforce your branding message without any prompting from you.

Customer service encounters occur in a variety of forms, including:

How your agents greet customers upon receiving their calls or responding to their emails
What resolutions are offered for requests for refunds, returns, and exchanges
Operating hours for live customer service

Lastly, brand management is about creating a culture all on your own – without being discriminatory, of course. It’s about making people feel they’re lucky to belong to the culture you’ve created and you can do that more easily with the help of a professional and experienced brand marketing agency.

Direct Payday Advance Lenders: Questions And Answers

Consumers looking for fast cash have come to realize that payday loans have become a very popular source of lending. These loans are short-term, meant to be used for temporary financial use, and unsecured (meaning there is no collateral required in order to get a loan). More than $10 billion is borrowed every year via direct payday advance lenders online and in-store. With thousands of lenders out there, consumers are not at a loss when it comes to borrowing options. If you are considering borrowing with a temporary small-dollar loan such as these but don’t know how the process works, take a few minutes to read about some of the most frequently asked questions and answers in an effort to educate and inform yourself before you set out to get a payday advance.

What should should know the difference between indirect and direct payday advance lenders? Direct lenders must be licensed to loan in the state you live and meet the state’s lending requirements. They will process, fund, and service your loan until it’s paid off. Indirect lenders, on the other hand, are not actual lenders but are a “middle man” to getting a loan with a direct lender. They are paid a commission to find you a lender once you have submitted your application. They won’t fund your loan nor will you deal with them during your loan repayment term. How can you tell? A direct lender will have their licensing information on their wall or website whereas an indirect lender should provide a disclaimer stating they are not a direct lender.

What is the process of getting approved? Most lenders make it very easy too apply via a quick application over the Internet or in-store. While lenders typically have liberal approval requirements, not everyone will be approved. In most cases, all that an applicant needs is: a verifiable income that meets the minimum income requirement, a checking account with direct deposit, and a willingness to repay on their next payday.

Can I still get a payday advance loan if I have filed bankruptcy? Not all lenders are the same in their lending guidelines but most are not concerned with whether or not an applicant has filed for bankruptcy in the past. Most lenders don’t even run a person’s credit history. Provided the applicant is not in a bankruptcy at the time they apply for a loan, they don’t have to worry. One of the biggest advantages of getting these types of short-term loans is that bad credit, spotty credit or not credit at all really doesn’t make a difference in the approval process.

Are payday loans as expensive as people say they are? Compared to paying overdraft fees, late charges, and credit card over-the-limit penalties, payday advances may be the more economical way to go when needing cash. Most direct lenders charge a flat fee per every $100 borrowed as well as assessing a fee if the loan is not paid off within the agreed upon time frame (usually the borrower’s next paycheck). Before you apply for a loan, shop lenders to find the best rates.

What is the difference between a payday loan online or in-store? In the past, payday lenders were found mainly in retail locations. With the Internet, though, consumers have dozens of lending options. Thousands of lenders offer online applications that make it possible for someone to apply for and be approved and funded without ever leaving their house. It’s all about personal preference when it comes to deciding how one wants to go about getting a fast cash loan.

Debt Collection Settlement With Payday Loan Lenders

While today’s economy may be getting better for some of us, the fact is that there are still millions of Americans struggling with debt. Payday loan lenders, as well as all over the U.S., have seen a huge rise in the amount of people turning to short-term cash loans to meet emergency financial needs as well as their monthly budget. When faced with the inability to make payments to creditors, we look at all of our options in an effort to make good on our debts and avoid defaulting on loans. That can include taking out a fast cash payday loan to get through the month. But what happens if you find yourself in the position where you can’t payoff your payday loan lender?

Debt collections settlement has become one way for consumers to find that “happy medium” with their creditors while keeping above float with their finances. If it’s a credit card that’s seen one too many swipes or a cell phone gone wild, chances are that offering up some form of retribution on what you owe may be done via debt collection settlement. But what about the debt you owe on a payday loan? If you have hit the end of the road and no longer know what to do about those endless collection phone calls and letters, it’s time to take action.

The first thing you need to know about debt collection settlement with a payday loan lender or any other creditor, is that it is a last resort. If you have already tried to make payments to your lender and continue to go into default, chances are your account has gone to collections. Many lenders use “in-house” collections while some will sell off defaulted loans to a third-party collector. The first thing you will have to find out is who you are trying to settle with: the lender that originally gave you the loan, or a third-party collector. It’s always important to know your consumer rights when it comes to collecting on a debt. While there are many honest and forthright debt collectors out there, it’s still wise to know where you stand in this type of situation.

Once you have determined you are dealing with your payday loan lender directly, consult your budget before calling them to come up with an amount of money you are able to offer on the settlement. Be realistic and don’t offer more than you can actually pay. Start by offering less so you have room to negotiate and don’t ever give an outside collector your bank account or employer information.

While most payday lenders don’t report negatively to the three major credit bureaus, it is still a good idea to ask your lender if they have reported anything on your credit report. While any type of negative information reported before the settlement cannot be removed, you can still work on raising your score once everything is said and done. If you are dealing with a collector, ask that they remove any negative information reported since they took over the debt from the lender. Be sure to monitor your credit report to make sure the negative information was in fact removed.

Lastly, don’t give the lender or collector any money until you have a settlement agreement in writing. If you desire, you can consult with a consumer law lawyer to look over the agreement. Once you have it in writing, have read over it before signing, and have made a copy for your records, you can pay off your debt and move on. If the lender or collector refuses to give you an agreement in writing, make a copy on your own and sent it to them via certified mail with a return receipt requested. Be sure to make good on the settlement as this may be your last option to taking care of that debt once and for all!

Payday Loan Lending Meets Consumers At The Gas Pump

The rise and fall of gas prices continues as consumers hit the pumps waiting to see what they will pay for a gallon of gas. When it comes to filling the tank, payday loans have been known to meet the needs of someone who is low on fuel. The past few years of uncertainty has made being a car owner a little more difficult due to the high cost of gas.

Short-term loans come in handy when there is an unexpected trip to the dentist or a car repair. But as of late, consumers have turned to direct payday lenders online to help meet their needs when it comes to keeping up with the cost of getting from point A to point B. If you aren’t driving a hybrid or other type of car that is made for fuel economy, it’s important to know how to turn a gas guzzler into a sipper and keep your budget from going into the tank!

Consider the following tips when trying to conserve gas and get more mileage for your money. It’s the little things that add up and save you money in the long run:

*Be strategic when running errands- Plan your errands carefully so you driving back and forth and all over town. Try to shop at stores that are located in the same vicinity, finishing up your “to-do” list in one trip. Do you grocery shopping, banking, and dry-cleaning in the same shopping center if possible. Be sure to ask the members of your family if there are any errand they need taken care of as well. You can piggyback on those as well. Park your car in a shaded area to prevent gas evaporation. Not only will you save money on gas, you will get some exercise too! Did you know that parking outward, with the nose of your car forward, also saves gas? Saving a buck or two by doing this can really add up and may prevent you from needing a fast cash payday loan just to fill the tank.

*Be more fuel efficient on the highway- Maintaining a consistent speed while on the highway is a great way to save money in gas. If you are in the position to use cruise control, you will have an easier time staying at the same speed. (On a side note- cruise control can help prevent you from going over the speed limit.) Refrain from breaking too much on the highway as well. While increasing and decreasing speed is an obvious and necessary part of driving, it’s not good to “ride the brakes” when on the highway and/or freeway. If you have access to toll roads, you can utilize them on your daily commute as well in an effort to lessen the stop-and-go of your daily driving. Purchase a monthly pass to avoid having to stop and pay at the toll booth. You may even get a discount for buying one.

*Make sure your tires are properly inflated- Safety is the first and most important reason to have your tires inflated properly but did you know that correctly inflated tires can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by as much as two miles per gallon? That can add up to quite a bit if you do a lot of driving. It’s imperative that you know the PSI (pounds per square inch) of your particular tires as it varies depending on the type and size of the tire(s). Under-inflated tires can cause car accidents and worn out tires can result in blow out’s. Create a routine of checking your tires and always check then before you go on a trip or long drive. The cost of tires may require seeking the help of payday loan lending in which case you can get the cash you need and have new and safe tires as soon as possible.

Aside from tires, it’s make sure your car’s air filter is working properly, that your fuel cap is on tightly when you gas up, and that you are not carrying around too much weight in your car from unnecessary cargo (I don’t mean passengers of course!). While some of these things may seem odd or minimal, by changing your driving behaviors, you can save money and get the most for what you pay for at the pump. Emergencies may be lessened as well as the need for payday loan lending help.

10 Reasons Why Believing in a Christian God Is Good for You

NO WORRIES It’s good to know we can hand all our cares and anxieties to God. 1 Peter 5 6-7 says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” It’s a great relief to know that God is always there to take care of business, so we don’t have to worry.
SEE BENEATH THE SKIN If we believe in God we don’t need to be concerned about how we look. There is no need to worry about our outward appearance because as 1 Samuel 16.7 tells us: “… the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” If we see others as God sees them, in other words by what’s in their heart, we become better, happier people.
NO NEED TO GOSSIP Social media offers plenty of opportunity for slander and criticism. James gives good advice on this (4:11-12): “Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you-who are you to judge your neighbour?” In other words we are in no position to criticize.
HAVE FAITH When we believe in God, we have faith, and faith brings salvation; see Ephesians 2:8-9: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast.” What does this really mean? It means trusting in God is a gift so we don’t have to work for it. And faith is its own reward, releasing us from all futile desires and endeavours and sorting out what really matters, the elimination of wicked thoughts.
STAY HEALTHY WITHOUT HAVING TO DIET When we believe in God we don’t have to worry about what we eat. Exodus 23.25 says, “Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water.”
BE STRONG WHEN YOUR HEART IS BROKEN Read Psalm 147.3 which says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Trying to get over the loss of a loved one through bereavement or separation is one of the hardest trials we have to endure. The journey is a lot easier when God is with us.
YOU CAN STAY IN GOOD PHYSICAL SHAPE ALWAYS Exodus 15.26 “For I am the God who heals you.” As Christians we expect good health through prayer and meditation. The only way to see if it works is to try it.
YOU NEVER HAVE TO ASK “WHY AM I HERE?” Pointless existential questions disappear when we believe in God. His purpose for our life becomes manifest and fruitful. Psalm 57:2 says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” The deal is this: if we make all our choices with God in mind, He will fulfil his purpose through us. No more vexing over meaningless days as every day and everything we do has meaning in God’s eyes.
YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT DYING Ecclesiastes 12.7 says about death “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” This is such a comforting thought, to know that we are eternal spirits, that our appointed time on earth is temporary and our future will be spent in everlasting glory.
YOU DON’T HAVE TO WASTE TIME WONDERING WHERE THE UNIVERSE CAME FROM “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) This is all we need to know about the origins of our environment. And of course, God made us too.What is there not to like?

Is My Pain From Tight Muscles Or Could It Be From Something Else

During the past 35 years of my chiropractic practice, I have been asked many times “Is my neck and back pain from tight muscles or could it be something else?” This article will discuss muscular pain, and other sources of discomfort and how relief of neck and back pain can be achieved.

Recently a patient in her early 30s came to my office with a complaint of chronic lower back pain. Her job required her to perform rigorous physical activities of installing flooring and carpeting. She told me that her discomfort was interfering with her ability to perform her work duties. She was afraid that she would have to discontinue that line of work and take another vocation because of her condition.

When I asked her what she had done previously to help with the problem, she told me she had seen orthopedic specialists who gave her steroid medication and muscle relaxers. She had also seen physical therapists who gave her stretching exercises. She noted these measures gave her some temporary relief but didn’t completely resolve her pain.

When I examined her, we found that she definitely had muscle spasms of her low back. However, her examination revealed a more significant deeper problem. Her muscles were tight and in spasm because they were trying to protect deeper spinal joint misalignments.

I told her that the body will always work to protect an injured area. In her case, her muscles were chronically tight and in spasm because they were doing what they are supposed to do to keep her condition from worsening.

Let’s take a moment to explain the difference between muscular pain and pain from other sources. If we over-use our muscles, they can be sore and go into some degree of spasm; it might be mild, or it could be severe. Typically, this muscle discomfort eases over the course of several days as the body heals itself. This is a completely normal type of healing.

However, if the source of the condition is from a deeper problem, such as a misalignment of spinal joints, superficial muscular pain will be continuous and become chronic. If this is the case treatment of the muscles will only result in temporary, minimal pain relief at best. To correct the problem, we must address the deeper source of pain. Pain relief can only occur if we solve what’s causing the problem.

In my patient’s case, treatment consisted of utilizing gentle, chiropractic spinal adjustments to correct the misalignment of the spinal bones of her back. After her first treatment she immediately felt the muscular spasm relax and loosen. She said: “Wow, I feel looser already!” It took some more treatments of safe, chiropractic adjustments to fully correct the deeper alignment problem so that she could perform her job free of pain.

Chiropractors are specialist healthcare providers, when it comes to relieving spinal neck pain and pain of the lower spine. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat physical, mechanical alignment problems of spine pain. Most patients who go to chiropractors find that having chiropractic treatment is a safe, pleasant experience because it relieves tightness and spasm of the muscles by correcting the deeper spinal misalignment.

Remember, sore muscles should normally heal after a few days of rest. If, however, chronic muscular tightness, stiffness or spasm persists, it is most likely due to a deeper spinal misalignment problem. In this case, it is prudent to seek gentle, safe chiropractic care for muscle pain relief.